Both of the swimming pool areas are beautifully designed, and opulently styled with wooden decked sunbathing areas. They offer stunning views, whilst still providing guests with privacy from the outside world.

The grounds are tastefully furnished, with comfortable family sized lounging beds, sun loungers, parasols and sofas available for use. We have also incorporated a canopied area to offer guests shade from the sun, whilst remaining close to the swimming pool.

During the restoration and building of Casa India Ibiza, the brief for the designer was to create a beautiful yet versatile rental villa in Ibiza that would be suitable for groups of adults, and also for family holidays where children would be in attendance. With these considerations in mind, we decided the outdoor area would include 2 swimming pools to help create a spacious family friendly villa.

By creating 2 separate swimming and sunbathing areas we are able to offer guests the option of dividing the outdoor recreational area into two independent zones. We feel this is a perfect solution for large family holiday rentals, where guests may want to socialize separately at certain times.